Co-Preneur Workspace – Surat

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • size 3,000 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Surat, India,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • Adda Architects & Urban Designers utilized warm materials and playful wall finishes for the Co-Preneur Workspace in Surat, India.

    Located in Surat, an office-scape of 3,500 square-feet floor plate for a Real Estate company, was recently completed by the team of ADDA Architects. The project explores the future of working culture designed to promote wellness and collaboration through design dialogues in its simplest form.

    Based on the brief given by clients, the space is shared by three main cabin areas for three brothers who believe in the thought of ‘co-preneur workspace’ – a work-play space for entrepreneurs to ‘grow’ together. The idea was to facilitate a routine, a lifestyle inside an office space. Hence, the interior responds to the contemporary outlook towards designing the space that is collaborative in nature rather than the cubicle set-up. The challenge was to create versatile spaces for different activities within a single floor plate and to reduce noise reflections through situational acoustic design.

    The space is split mainly into two zones, separated by an interactive passage. Towards the west are formal spaces like reception and waiting area, cabins and meeting rooms that offer the surrounding city views. Whereas, the east side of the floor accommodates an informal zone that alleviates the casual communications. It includes a coffee bar, pantry, cycling theater, refreshment area separate for both men and women as well as accounts and sales units. A large gym area sits towards the end of the office- usually a space for shared wellness activities. Overall, these zones are designed to cater to the comfortable working environment that has a recreational feel to them. The design concept also celebrates and reflects the uniqueness of its linear layout with a small cozy kid space at the intersection of all the other spaces.

    The floor plan feels open due to integration of a minimal material palette. “We want a workspace with materials that are simple yet aesthetically appealing”, expresses the client. So the color scheme reflects neutral tones such as the white walls make the space feel more open and airy while the concrete and wood accents make the space feel grounded. Customized precast concrete panels are used as prime material, while to evoke nostalgia the use of terrazzo printed tiles for flooring is done, except for the formal areas. All the three main cabins and meeting room have wooden floors creating a sense of warmth within. Perforated ceiling sheets are used in the entire office for better insulation. Although the ceiling height is low, the light fixtures were designed in a way that they don’t hinder one’s eye-sight. The combination of metal and finely finished teak wood furniture gives an elegant look to the whole workspace.

    Contemporary decor and original artworks complement the space. All the furniture pieces are customized based on the needs of clients. Yet, one of the interesting pieces of furniture is the conference table near the pantry area. Made entirely with wood with an intricate engineering design, it allows you to separate the designed modules, each useful as coffee tables for three as well.

    Overall, the concept of co-living and cooperative working environment by integrating recreational settings within the workspace is brought to life in a harmonious way.

    Design: Adda Architects & Urban Designers
    Design Team: Dhaval Shah, Mayank Parekh, Kaushal Laheri, Ritul Suthar
    Photography: Photographix | Sebastian Zachariah