Accenture Technology Innovation Center – Bucharest

Corporate Office Solutions designed Accenture's Technology Innovation Center in Bucharest, prioritizing creativity and flexibility with movable walls, modular furniture, and a central Tech Greenhouse space for informal meetings, socializing, and collaboration.

  • Client Accenture,
  • size 10,764 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Bucharest, Romania,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Corporate Office Solutions designed the Accenture Technology Innovation Center with a focus on creativity in Bucharest, Romania.

    Accenture headquarters is based on a new typology of the workplace, focused on the harmony between people and technology, where every employee has the opportunity to choose where and how they work. The arrangement illustrates an organizational culture oriented around the employee and his needs, especially those highlighted by the pandemic period. Thus, the project aims to strengthen the sense of belonging and stimulate collaboration, offering a safe working environment, in which the daily activity is productive, carried out in conditions of comfort and protection.

    The entire workspace is built around the central multifunctional area, called the Tech Greenhouse, which serves as a space for informal meetings, hot desking, socializing, a coffee point, or even a lounge bar. Here, too, plants are an extremely important presence, representing the connection with nature and the outside space, and at the same time contributing significantly to stimulating creativity and productivity, as well as keeping employee motivation high.

    Moreover, flexibility is one of the most important aspects of the project. The work area is divided into project rooms, configured so that they can be easily separated by movable walls or joined, leaving the possibility of creating new spaces of different sizes, easily reconfigurable and adaptable to the needs of the teams that use them. Modular, mobile or flexible furniture, in turn, allows numerous configurations. Thus, lounge spaces can transform from socializing areas into informal meeting points or areas for presentations, meetings or brainstorming. Mobile desks, with integrated wheels, can be team or individual work spaces, or training or meeting areas, and high tables can be used for discussions or project work. In this way, the work environment is transformed into an experience in which collaboration and the creative exchange of ideas are promoted, at the same time providing the necessary support for a space that stimulates innovation, in accordance with the company’s philosophy.

    In order to adapt to the current post-pandemic needs of employees and to lend itself to a hybrid work environment, the designed space has integrated technology, and all meeting and discussion areas, as well as those for individual or team work, are technological, containing digital equipment that complements the analog elements. The main meeting room is fully automated, with retractable screen and projector and audio-video and lighting solutions integrated into the KNX system, with voice command and smart control. They are operated according to predefined scenarios, configurable according to the needs of the participants.

    The chosen finishes refer to the connection between technology and urban space, through elements such as floor textures, exposed concrete or painted brick walls and metal furniture details. All this is harmoniously tempered by warm, natural elements, such as wood and plants integrated into the design. The ceiling is left exposed, in an industrial style, with the installation routes fully visible. The color scheme consists of warm, pastel shades and strong accents taken from the visual identity of the Accenture brand.

    Design: Corporate Office Solutions
    Design Team: Patricia Gheorghe, Andrada Ulmeanu
    Photography: Arthur Tințu