doTerra Brasil Offices – Joinville

Szoma designed the doTerra project in Joinville, Brazil featuring a production structure with natural materials and open spaces, emphasizing an experiential journey through the factory that blends brand identity and co-creation concepts seamlessly.

  • Client doTerra,
  • size 86,111 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Joinville, Brazil,
  • Industry FMCG,
  • The production structure gives new meaning to this factory using natural materials and open spaces for free movement. The focus on the experience with the environment transforms the industrial scenario into a welcoming area. Brand presence is the element which reveals in the essence of the architectural proposal the DNA of an American multinational focused on consultant and the Brazilian end client.

    A circuit created for visitors to discover the factory starts at reception, passing through showroom and auditorium. A proposal that brings forward eyes the experience of the process of creating products that transform natural resources into oils essential. The view from the mezzanine to the packaging of products is part of the journey to explore the essence of the brand and ends in the store that exudes well-being.

    A creative process that emerges with the concept of co-creation, essential for the success of ideas and to meet industrial challenges. The exploration of technical aspect in a proposal together with the emotional aspect brought insights for positive impact.

    The office area with work desks, management rooms and four meeting rooms, the main one with 14 seats, brings comfort, stimulates creativity and concentration.

    This company space also has several areas for informal meetings such as “casulos”, armchairs and informal spaces. The fifty-seat auditorium, shaped of bleachers, is integrated into the showroom space and pantry, which is functional and the center for happy hours.

    The environment for employees has a cafeteria that brings everyday facilities and also a space for rest with comfortable armchairs to highlight the identity and connect with care. Natural plants and preserved bring biophilia to the industrial environment and build a modern, safe work environment and functional with the brand’s characteristics. A layout and architectural design that balances the private and the collective with a feeling of welcome.

    Design: Szoma
    Photography: Kacio Lira