6 Eye-Catching Global Coworking Offices

The concept of the coworking office has been quickly expanding throughout the globe over the past several years giving rise to thousands of independent locations as well as companies like WeWork, operating hundreds of facilities throughout the world.

With so much energy and capital being poured into these new environments, it is unsurprising that design firms have come up with concepts which are both functional for workers as well as striking to behold.

While you can go browse the 100+ coworking offices which we’ve published in the past, we’ve pulled together a collection of 6 such spaces which are sure to catch your attention.

© courtesy Albert Angel

1. KWERK Coworking Offices // Paris

Design: Albert Angel and Lawrence Knights

"More than a workplace, KWERK is a state of mind: openness, curiosity and creativity. The aspiration is to bring together all those who share a quirky state of mind and an enterprising spirit, no matter their industry."

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© Joe Fletcher

2. Canopy Coworking Offices // San Francisco

Design: Yves Béhar and Amir Mortazavi

"Custom designed by friends Yves Béhar and Amir Mortazavi, Canopy represents the new Pacific Heights and pioneering spirit of San Francisco."

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© Wison Tungthunya

3. Hubba-to Coworking Offices // Bangkok

Design: Supermachine Studio

"In addition to traditional work areas, Hubba-to added work facilities for artisans such as a pottery and wood studio, open kitchen and photography dark room."

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© courtesy Bean Buro

4. The Work Project Coworking Offices // Hong Kong

Design: Bean Buro

"The design creates a multi-sensory environment to enhance productivity: Every single element – including music, scent, refreshment, technology, furniture, meeting facility and amenity has been carefully curated with the goal of improving productivity and work experience."

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© ZC Architectural Photography Studio

5. SimplyWork 6.0 Coworking Offices // Shenzhen

Design: 11architecture

"Working scenes are often depicted as the image that people sitting in front of repetitive desks in an abstract office room. We don’t support this image and designed the space as an alternative image of working with a unique office environment specific to each site context."

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© Thierry Cardineau

6. WeWork Corsham Street Coworking Offices // London

Design: WeWork and Oktra

"The design capitalizes on the buildings central atrium. As you walk into WeWork Corsham there is a concrete spiral staircase feature. When glancing up, the network of exposed building services are arranged to resemble art on the ceiling. A maze of pipes and ductwork are closely coordinated to create a dramatic effect at high level."

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