I Wish I Worked There!

BOOK REVIEW: I Wish I Worked There! (and Giveaway)

For the few years that I’ve been writing about offices, I’ve been looking for books that not only help me understand offices better, but the companies that inhabit them. I recently received a copy of Kursty Groves’ I Wish I Worked There!: A Look Inside The Most Creative Spaces In Business, and thought I would share a few thoughts of the book with our readers.

I Wish I Worked There!

The book covers many top-tier companies throughout the world from Google, Dreamworks, Hasbro, and Sony to Urban Outfitters, Virgin, Dyson, and Johnson & Johnson. Not only do the authors share about the spaces there successful companies work in, they had the opportunity to visit them, something we rarely get to do here at Office Snapshots. Photography only shows part of reality, and often a heavily edited version of it. The fact that the authors were able to visit automatically gives what they write more gravitas.

Company write-ups are not limited to telling what the space looks like, but are rather detailed company stories that give the ins and outs of the space. Stories complete with some of the all important why’s of design. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the beauty of design, but I Wish I Worked There! does a great job of delving into some of the reasons behind the way things are. In many chapters, the authors were able to weave in quotes and discussion they had with the space designers to understand office design on a deeper level than pure visual enjoyment.

The book is also filled with great photographs that show each of the offices as they actually are, and are often accompanied with annotated diagrams that detail what is in each. Something that is useful for those of us looking to learn more about office design.

Instead of specifically covering one industry like architecture firms or design studios, it covers companies in a large variety of industries. I felt that such an approach allowed me to identify good ideas and concepts that work across a wide spectrum of businesses and can then be extrapolated and applied specifically to any project.

I Wish I Worked There! is an inspiring look as successful companies and the creative ways they approach office design. While not a best practices manual, it does a wonderful job presenting the idea that companies should approach office design in a way that best works for their purposes. Just because unassigned desks work perfectly for one company, doesn’t automatically mean it will do wonders for your organization.

I definitely enjoyed the book, which can be purchased here. If you want more information about it you can visit the book’s website.


I have an extra copy of the book ready to make its way into your library. In order to win it, just comment about what you find to be the most important aspect of office design. I’ll select a winner randomly on Friday.