NeoCon 2012: Davis Furniture

NeoCon is the superbowl for furniture companies that provide contract furniture. Lots of great products get launched at the event, which is currently happening in Chicago – that much to my chagrin could not be attended by me. Maybe next year.

I thought we’d take a peek at a few of the new offerings at this years event, starting with Davis Furniture.

Here are a couple I’m really excited about because they reflect the trend of bar-height collaborative workspaces I discussed here:

The Perch Stool

What they say:

Perch proves that sometimes simple can be brilliant. It is functional in collaborative areas as well as smaller workstations. When the conversation ends, Perch moves easily under the counter, into the corner, or along the wall, waiting patiently out of the way until it’s needed again.”

What I say:

I just plain think this stool looks great and would love to have it shining brightly as a seating option for employees in an office. The colors and shape really make it pop.

The Tre Stool

What they say:

Tre is offered in bar, counter, and lounge heights with a proportional base on each. This array of height options takes Tre into a variety of areas and occasions, from casual, collaborative workspaces and libraries to corporate cafés and hospitality settings.

If you ever wondered where form and function meet, it is undoubtedly at the center point of this remarkable stool.”

What I say:

This stool has great wood tones, is tri-symmetric, and comes in a variety of heights that make it perfect for almost any casual seating situation. I’d even put one in my house.

More Products

Davis launched several other products this year including some other seating options, to check them out – visit