NeoCon 2019 Preview: The Office Snapshots Guide

By Stephen Searer / June 3, 2019

NeoCon begins June 10th and the Office Snapshots team is ready to make the trip to Chicago to see what new furniture and trends may percolate into future office design projects.

While it seemed like a convergence of residential and commercial design dominated the last couple of shows, I would not be surprised to see more hospitality design vibes making themselves known this year. And of course there will be incremental additions and upgrades to products released in the past couple of years (2018, 2017, 2016).

We will be posting what we’re seeing to Instagram Stories (@officesnapshots) to help you navigate the craziness for those attending and experience the show from afar.

The team has compiled this guide of some of the new products being released from a variety of manufacturers that we hope will be helpful.

Have a great time at NeoCon 2019!


Davis Furniture

Cova from Davis Furniture

Cova by jehs+laub

Cova is the exemplification of pure, luxurious comfort. With a large down cushion covering the interior of the chair, Cova’s primary objective is supreme comfort with a visually appealing design. Cova’s enveloping nature brings residential comfort to commercial spaces.

M75 from Davis Furniture

M75 by Vogtherr & Prestwich

M75 is a modern take on a Davis classic. Based on the concept of the Motion chair designed by Burkhard Vogtherr in 1987, M75 is a new evolution of the traditional executive chair built for the 21st century workplace. The geometry of the chair is designed so that the user acts as a counterweight for the movement of the seating mechanism.


Maari from Haworth

Maari Family of Seating

One chair, many spaces—one shell, many bases. Maari is a family of seating with a warm aesthetic that artfully blends beauty, form, and function in a simple statement of line. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, Maari is based on a one-piece, delicately textured, molded shell that’s the same for all chairs. Put Maari everywhere people work—and provide complete comfort for the variety of seated activities that occur throughout an eight-hour day.

Cabana Lounge from Haworth

Cabana Lounge

Get away without going away. Cabana Lounge is the first sofa system truly designed to deliver optimal user performance, comfort, and design to create unique destination spaces in the office environment, enabling effective individual and collaborative work. Cabana Lounge offers thoughtfully integrated worksurfaces, embedded power options, privacy elements, and application flexibility in a light-scale aesthetic—and the attention to details you’d expect from Haworth’s collaboration with Patricia Urquiola.


Steelcase® Flex Collection

Steelcase® Flex Collection

The Steelcase Flex Collection is an integrated collection of furniture and accessories designed to meet the needs of modern teams and their changing activities. Steelcase research has found that most environments do not support hyper-collaboration and designed Steelcase Flex to address these findings about the needs of today’s fast-paced, flexible teams. Steelcase Flex Collection delivers just the right amount of control for individuals and teams, letting people reconfigure their spaces in a matter of minutes.

West Elm Work Greenpoint

West Elm Work Greenpoint

Meet West Elm Work Greenpoint — benching, private office, and storage solutions inspired by West Elm’s residential aesthetic and brought to life by Steelcase.

Celebrating hardworking materials, West Elm Work Greenpoint exudes a workshop-crafted feel. Clean lines and fresh finishes provide a natural sensibility, carried across statement of line. Offered in a curated selection of materials, West Elm Work Greenpoint offers a versatile foundation for layering on your organization’s style and brand.


Marien152 from Coalesse


Marien152 is a new global seating collection designed in collaboration with the Coalesse Design Group and globally renowned designer, Arik Levy. Soft yet supportive, Marien152 is inspired by the home and engineered for the workplace. The versatile seating collection blends casual elegance and unexpected support with a residentially-inspired back cushion that adds comfort and stability.

MoreThanFive Table from Coalesse

MoreThanFive Table

Designed by the Coalesse Design Group and Michael Young, the MoreThanFive Table is a natural extension of their collaboration with the LessThanFive Chair. Both are a celebration of modern craft in materiality and form – with the new cast iron MoreThanFive Table designed to uniquely complement the carbon fiber LessThanFive Chair, or any other social or collaborative setting.


GoGo from Encore

GoGo by Qdesign

Make room for GoGo – a charming collection of benches, ottomans and lounge seating that keeps pace with the speed of change. Cleverly hidden casters allow each model to be easily moved for quick reconfigurability, providing guests with the freedom to gather together for impromptu meetings and collaborative sessions or break away for individual activities.

String Games from Encore

String Games by Madsen & Contois

Playing with forms and appearances is what String Games is all about.  This striking collection of meeting tables is distinguished by metal accents that appear to pass fluidly through the solid wood frame with expertly crafted precision.  Available in veneer, laminate or solid surface finishes, String Games can be specified in seated‐ and bar‐heights and features optional power capability via a discreetly concealed wire management system – altogether making for an exceptionally versatile offering.


Ellaby from Keilhauer


A working mid-back lounge chair that features individually molded cushions that provide exceptional comfort and form dramatic, contoured curves that offer a hint of privacy. A lighter-scaled option that easily accommodates impromptu meetings, solitary work, relaxation – whatever a person needs to work best. The Ellaby chair features a dramatic, easel-shaped wood base that’s available in ash or walnut.

Verge from Keilhauer


With a small footprint yet large presence, Verge™ is a lounge chair designed to provide the feeling of a comfortable oversized lounger, without taking up the space of one. Beautiful and inviting, Verge offers plush, full cushions, enveloping structure, and a wood base that exudes warmth and softness – giving off a residential feel. Designed with a 360-degree swivel for mobility, it’s made to foster easy communication and collaboration amongst individuals.


Framery 2Q

Framery 2Q

Framery 2Q creates a truly multifunctional space to match the versatile needs of modern work life. Designed to accommodate four to six people, Framery 2Q is an optimized space for brainstorm sessions or meeting locations within the workplace. The pod turns a regular workplace situation or task into a happier experience, offering a heightened sense of privacy and comfort for the end user. Framery’s superior sound insulation system guarantees meetings won’t disturb the office.


Ypsilon Tilting Table from Pedrali

Ypsilon Tilting Table

The Ypsilon table, in its tilting and stackable version, is truly versatile and can become a working station, a meeting table, or a support for use in latest-generation co-working spaces. The top is connected with a die-cast aluminium base by an extruded aluminium column. A patented mechanism allows the top to be flipped over and moved from a horizontal to a vertical position through two well designed release handles, in red colour.

Elinor executive chair from Pedrali

Elinor executive chair

The executive chair Elinor incorporates the different attitudes and approaches to office life looking to the future. Comfort and body-hugging feeling, thanks to the polyurethane injected foam seat and back, are its strong points. A weight-activated synchro-tilt mechanism integrated in the upholstered seat allows the tilting to be self-regulated according to the user’s body weight, ensuring that the back is kept in the most comfortable position. A light, slimline, strong armrest in die-cast aluminium defines the base of the backrest with its flowing line.


ROOM Phone Booth

ROOM Phone Booth, 2019 Edition

ROOM’s phone booth is a personal space for the open office. The booth is sustainably soundproofed and well-ventilated, offering a personal, quiet and comfortable space in the open office that enables room to focus, privacy to free your mind, and space to create something new. ROOM has reimagined the phone booth with the launch of its 2019 Edition with over 35 enhancements and modifications ranging from increased ventilation and usable workspace, to a motion sensor that automatically turns on/off LED light and ventilation fans for energy efficiency. ROOM sells direct on its website and ships flat in four boxes, ensuring easy delivery and simple assembly. Each booth uses soundproofing materials made out of 1,088 plastic bottles, making more room for the environment. Each booth costs just $3,495, with an additional $200 for ethernet connectivity.




Experience the bliss of silence with MICROOFFICE, the revolutionary line of acoustic workstations and conference rooms by acoustics experts SilentLab. Comprising the Red Dot Award-winning UNIQ and CUBIQ along with the cutting-edge PRIME and modular QUADRIO, SilentLab’s MICROOFFICE range melds impeccable acoustic performance with an instantly iconic design language. Proudly based in the Czech Republic, SilentLab is a passionate provider of comprehensive sustainable sound solutions backed by years of proven expertise.

De Vorm

Hale PET Felt Stack Chair from De Vorm

Hale PET Felt Stack Chair by Ivan Kasner + De Vorm

An innovative outcome, grafted on the foundation that several credible designers laid for the classic school chair. Utilizing our innovating pressing technique enables us to create a spacious seating and back. Discover the high level of comfort!

AK 3 + AK4 PET Felt Room Dividers from De Vorm

AK 3 + AK 4 PET Felt Room Dividers

Our AK Family has expanded with two more members. AK3 and AK 4 are functional room dividers with distinction in height. Both can be hung horizontally or stand vertically. Providing new perspectives for creating workspaces. Maximizing focus, concentration, and rest of the user.


Talent from Actiu


Talent, the new tables programme from ACTIU and designed by Alegre Design, tries to answer all the needs that come up in these spaces, in which the furniture is easily movable, quick to store, comfortable and easy to lift. The ideal solution to promote and ease communication, learning, and collaborative work.

Trim from Actiu


TRIM, Actiu’s new operative chair designed by Alegre Design, was created to take care of people, enhancing well-being and health as well as providing high-performance lower back support. This chair offers many customizing options and features with an adjustable backrest, which enhances comfort, and high technical specifications that are combined with very competitive prices.

Groupe Lacasse

PARADIGM Panel System from Groupe Lacasse

PARADIGM Panel System

PARADIGM Panel System by Lacasse is a well-thought-out panel system that can be configured to meet today’s, as well as tomorrow’s, needs. Much more than a simple panel system, Paradigm is a modern and versatile collection that can be shaped 1,001 ways.

Quorum Multiconference from Groupe Lacasse

Quorum Multiconference Table Solutions

As its name implies, Quorum Multiconference by Lacasse is the answer to a multitude of interactions, presentations, collaborations and meetings of all forms – from the conference room to the open workspace and its impromptu meetings. Stylish, impressive, functional, flexible and easy, this collection of tables mixes materials, components and textures while integrating today’s technology.

Andreu World

Hula from Andreu World

Hula by Benjamin Hubert

Iconic, raised as a visual game from the symmetry between the seat and the base and the orbital position of the aluminum footrest. Hula is a stool that has been developed with injected aluminum in different colors and with the seat upholstered to add comfort. Your choices of finishes and customization are very broad. It is available in ten colors -White, black, rust red, terracotta, dark gray, sand, basalt, blue, green and camel-, in a height adjustable version and in two revolving versions with different heights. The clean and essential form of Hula captures captures the eye and defines the spaces where it is integrated. It is, at the same time, as functional as it is singular.

Dado from Andreu World

Dado by Alfredo Häberli

Dado has experienced an extraordinary evolution. This system of sofas conceived from modularity and an eye for detail, has grown and become an alternative in the definition of all types of interior spaces. The geometry of the new components expands the configuration possibilities: back to back, different curved compositions not only in length but also in width; islands of seats for large public spaces or long lines capable of organizing the circulation of people and offering a moment of rest.

Peter Pepper

Angie from Peter Pepper

Angie Seating by Josep Lluscà

ANGIE is a well-rounded collection of seating for indoor and outdoor applications. ANGIE is constructed of a steel and aluminum base with shells of injected fiberglass and polypropylene. Available in single seat stackable four leg and sled base models as well as spider legs. A three seat bench model is available for environments requiring a higher number of seating capacity. ANGIE is offered in a large range of shell, base, and upholstery choices.

Noren Tables from Peter Pepper

Noren Tables by Carrasco Barceló

Noren is available in round and curvilinear shapes in multiple sizes. Each shape’s base is available in white or black, while the top is offered in 3 compact HPL finishes, in addition to glass.

Noren’s injection molded polypropylene with fiberglass additive structure ensures strength. A central aluminum beam covered in the same material gives the broad range of available lengths. The legs are manufactured with UV protection, which allows its use outdoors.


Halo from HALCON

Halo Office

HALO Office brings lasting beauty and award-winning innovation to your workspaces.
Beautiful desking is encircled by the revolutionary and patent-pending Halo edge; providing protection for worksurface and chair.  Task or Guest Seating striking the desk edge is defended from damage by the remarkable perimeter profile. Desk surfaces are equally protected with adjustable-height controls cleanly integrated into the HALO edge.

Stratos from HALCON


STRATOS pairs a modern, timeless design with a flexible, parametric system to create table solutions of any size and shape. Multiple power & data interfaces are available to give more choice in technology selection, including dual-flipping power access grommets and power modules around the surface perimeter.  A formed metal base supports any surface size and shape, expanding its stable structure to adapt to every room.


Hue from naughtone


Hue is designed for dividing, creating and utilising awkward space whilst encouraging collaboration at a higher posture. As a luxurious retreat for group or individual work, Hue is perfect for use in narrow spaces, and is ideally suited for pre and post meeting situations.

Viv Highback from naughtone

Viv Highback

As a welcome addition to the much-loved Viv range, Viv Highback and Viv Highback Lounge further complete the portfolio.
 Available as a highback chair or highback lounge, Viv Highback has a simple, broadly appealing form with a premium feel. The comfortable and generous upholstery and tilt mechanism offers superior comfort and launches the Viv range into a new realm.


Rowan Casegoods from OFS

Rowan casegoods

Find the balance between decorative and functional within the Rowen casegood collection. Brian Graham pulled his vision from the comfort of home while designing these exquisite pieces of furniture. With versatile top options like glass, solid surface, or veneer, the credenza can fit into any style of room. As for the bookcase, being practical with space is no longer an issue. Bring a little piece of home into any room or office with Rowen.

Yelly from OFS


Chairs provide a unique opportunity to add functional design detail and personalization to any space. Choosing the perfect chair means finding the right balance of simplicity and intrigue. With dainty wood forms curved with soft artistic shaping, Yelly presents touches that make a place feel homeful.


Lasata from Carolina


Lasata patient recliner positively supports the critical relationship between patient and caregivers, helping them navigate the best possible path toward wellness and a better life. It’s intuitively designed features give patients and caregivers the sense of security needed at critical moments. Lasata’s mission is to surround patients with a sense of calm and a place of peace while supporting caregivers during the delivery of care.

Reservoir from Lasata


True to its name – Reservoir offers storage and convenience that provides patients and caregivers support. Reservoir overbed table supports quality care delivery and consultative moments between caregiver, patients and their families. These moments for knowledge sharing allow positive connections and faster recoveries.


Nagare from Okamura


Nagare, which means ‘flow’ in Japanese, responds to the way we work today. The range of seating and tables, inspired by nature, brings a gentle sense of movement and creates a quiet haven in the workplace. The collection consists of two distinct families possessing a sculptural quality that makes a bold aesthetic statement, while also being highly functional. The furniture has been designed to help people work more effectively whenever and wherever work might happen.

Shibusa from Okamura


Shibusa chairs, named after a Japanese aesthetic philosophy, are designed specifically for the conference room, to respond to unique requirements and a range of activities distinct from general office work. Today in the workplace, many chairs specified as conference chairs have an excess of features and adjustability that do not benefit conference room activities. The intention behind Shibusa is to simplify and refine by removing what is not necessary or helpful.


FourReal from Hightower

FourReal®​ ​by Four Design, Denmark

Hightower’s FourReal®​ ​ A is a unique and clever design suited for any sized environment, capable of making single spaces multi-functioning. Available in two heights, the “A” frame offers more than beautiful lines; humans tend to naturally lower their voices when conversing with something overhead.

Nest System Tables from Hightower

Nest System Tables​ by Form Us With Love from Stockholm

Hightower introduces a unique addition to their popular Nest series of workspace furniture, designed to bring people together on multidisciplinary levels. Nest System Tables, introduced to Europe at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture Fair, create a workspace community that is highly functional and adaptable, encouraging users to engage more, supporting an environment for increased productivity.


Park from Allsteel

Park by Norm Architects

A collaboration between Allsteel and Norm Architects, Park is a collection of soft seating, tables, and accessories that blends high-quality American steel production with the meticulous beauty of Danish craft. Park is a perfectly balanced, contemporary workplace solution that preserves the usability of shared, open spaces.

Townhall Collection from Allsteel

Townhall Collection

Designed in collaboration with Rainlight Design Studio, Townhall groups movable soft seating, tables, and accessories into multifunctional and agile micro-environments for individual and group work in shared, open spaces.


Alev Meeting from Nucraft

Alev™ Meeting by Birsel + Seck

As statement pieces of the workplace, the Alev Table Collection was conceived as a mid-century modern design, pushing boundaries of what worktables could be. Available in three distinct styles, Alev Meeting, Alev X, and Alev V, each table fits a different space, purpose, and posture. Featuring bases of sculpted wood shaped into gorgeous silhouettes, Alev brings sculptural beauty into the modern workplace. Alev Meeting is crafted with a four-piece veneer top, creating an elegant layup that celebrates its individual parts. The table’s curved edges evoke a richly organic appeal. Power connectivity is discreet, accessible at either table top or within the table apron.

Forena™ Media Island from Nucraft

Forena™ Media Island by Joseph Jeup

In multi-use meeting spaces where work and entertainment go hand-in-hand, consoles are required to offer more than simple storage. With the Forena suite of credenzas, storage is only the beginning. Designed through a “resimmercial” lens, Forena is offered in three styles — Credenzas, Media Console, and Media Island — each nuanced for various workspaces with features such as built-in soundbar space, refrigeration drawers, waste and recycling compartments, and equipment racking, all enclosed within an elegant case.


Debut from Kimball


Featuring an asymmetrical, modern aesthetic, Debut includes thoughtfully designed height-adjust desks, sleek storage options, and layered wall panels that support acoustic separation.
Soft, rounded corners are a key element of this unique offering, which includes privacy panels and an accessory rail to house utility tools for additional flexibility. Debut is designed by Claudio Bellini.

Work|Able from Kimball


A complete wall system that can create functional, expressive walls by utilizing a unique palette of honest materials such as cork, peg board, chalkboard, raw metal, and butcher block. Beyond the typical conference and meeting  applications, adding Work|Able surfaces to a  configuration will allow you to create unique workspaces that give purpose to underutilized areas. Work|Able is designed by Brian Graham.