The Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2019

By Stephen Searer / January 6, 2020

It is that time again for our annual look back at which projects our readers were interested in throughout the past year: The Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2019.

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Let’s take a quick peek at what has happened over the past 12 months here at Office Snapshots:

Hospitality and Home Snapshots

We launched two new sites this year focusing on hospitality and home design respectively.

Hospitality Snapshots covers the world of hospitality design and so far has published 300+ hotel, coffee shop, restaurant, bar, and resort projects from all around the world:

Home Snapshots is another new site that is a bit more of an experiment for us being our first site outside of the commercial / contract design world. If you’re looking to browse homes, apartments, cottages, cabins, and vacation homes, you should stop by for a look:

Original Content and Articles

You may or may not have noticed that we took a break from writing and publishing articles over the last couple of years. Launching four new sites took precedence, but now that things have settled down we are planning to bring them back.

Ideally this will be a combination of interviews, industry trend analysis, guest articles, and event coverage.

New Brands and Products

This year saw quite a few new brands adding their furniture, products, and services to our office design product catalog:

Furniture: Allsteel, Andreu World, Bernhardt Design, Clear Design, Corona Group, Global, Gunlocke, KETTAL, Studio TK, Teknion
Lighting: ANDlight, ateljé Lyktan, Luxxboxx, Rich Brilliant Willing, ZERO
Textiles: FilzFelt, Spinneybeck
Architectural Walls: LIKO-S

If your brand is not already a part of the site, get in touch here.

Thank you for making 2019 such a fantastic year! Now onto the winners…

#1: McDonald’s (view project)
Design: Studio O+A, IA Interior Architects
Photography: Garrett Rowland
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

#2: Slack (view project)
Design: Studio O+A
Photography: Garrett Rowland, Amy Young
Location: San Francisco, California, USA

#3: BPX Energy (view project)
Design: Stantec
Photography: David Lauer
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

#4: Gensler (view project)
Design: Gensler
Photography: Rafael Gamo
Location: San Francisco, California, USA

#5: Barry Callebaut (view project)
Design: Studio 13 Architects
Photography: İbrahim Özbunar
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

#6: Airbnb (view project)
Design: Airbnb Environments Team, IDF Studio, WRNS Studio
Photography: Jeremy Bittermann
Location: San Francisco, California, USA

#7: Trend Micro (view project)
Design: M Moser Associates
Photography: Owen Raggett
Location: Singapore

#8: Narrative Science (view project)
Design: Charlie Greene Studio
Photography: Tom Harris
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

#9: Turner Broadcasting (view project)
Design: Rapt Studio
Photography: Eric Laignel
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

#10: Element AI (view project)
Design: Linebox Studio
Photography: Claude-Simon Langlois
Location: Montreal, Canada

#11: Indeed (view project)
Design: Specht Architects, The Design Studio
Location: Tokyo, Japan

#12: Hinshaw & Culbertson (view project)
Design: Solomon Cordwell Buenz
Photography: Steve Hall
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

#13: Shaw (view project)
Design: Gensler
Photography: Connie Zhou
Location: Cartersville, Georgia, USA

#14: Smart Dubai (view project)
Design: dwp
Photography: Yasser Photography
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

#15: Two Sigma Collision Lab (view project)
Design: WRNS Studio
Photography: Bilyana Dimitrova
Location: New York City, New York, USA

#16: Kolektif House Coworking (view project)
Design: Kontra Architecture
Photography: Emre Dorter
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

#17: PwC (view project)
Design: Vincent & Gloria Architectes
Photography: Arnaud Schelstraete
Location: Paris, France

#18: (view project)
Design: HofmanDujardin
Photography: Matthijs van Roon
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

#19: Confidential Client (view project)
Design: Jacobs
Photography: Anton Grassl
Location: Massachusetts, USA

#20: Skender (view project)
Design: Perkins and Will
Photography: Steve Hall, Randall Starr
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

#21: AmorePacific (view project)
Design: KINZO
Photography: Schnepp Renou
Location: Seoul, South Korea

#22: The Assemblage Coworking (view project)
Design: Mancini Duffy
Photography: Garrett Rowland
Location: New York City, New York, USA

#23: SAP (view project)
Design: INNOCAD Architecture
Photography: Paul Ott
Location: Vienna, Austria

#24: Varonis (view project)
Design: Pliskin Architecture, GBD Architects
Photography: Sally Painter
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

#25: Via Transportation (view project)
Design: Setter Architects
Photography: Uzi Porat
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel