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Designing, constructing and furnishing new office premises is a very intensive process. We know all about that. And we’ll be delighted to help you do this, from your first draft right up to completion of the project.
At iL Project, we specialise in designing and furnishing offices that work. We will be pleased to help you through the entire process for fitting out new office premises. We keep communication lines short and personal by making sure you always have the same contact person. Our full-service package means we can take everything off your hands, and we can create office space that fits in perfectly with your company’s requirements.

“I always say that well-designed office space is like a tailor-made suit. It’s totally in line with the customer’s wishes, it’s exactly right in every way, and it looks fantastic. It’s a suit you feel really happy with. And a well-designed office has the same effect.”

Iwan de Leeuw – founder of iL Project

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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