PDC Architects

PDC Architects is a multidisciplinary architecture, interior design, landscaping and urban planning firm founded in 2007. Prashant Paradava & Shivangi Paradava are the joint principal architects of PDC Architects. The firm was established in 2007 and it grew from A small office in Ahmedabad, with just two people into a big office with A staff of over 40 people.

The firm works at multiple scales and with various organizations. This allows them to experiment and diversify work: master planning, architectural & interior projects, such as commercial buildings, high end residences and apartments, as well as recreational & institutional projects.

PDC Architects design approach is to make optimum use of space, natural materials, lighting & landscape to reinvent and transform living environments and urban spaces. The firm strives to create design that inspires, approaching each project, regardless of size & scale, with an understanding that architecture has a unique power to influence lifestyle and society. Their forte is attention to details and customization. Honesty to design, client satisfaction, and sustainability are the driving forces, along with the ability to constantly explore & evolve. They are dedicated to unique design approaches adapted to each project, and achieving A balance between functionality & aesthetics, context, climate, material, cost & time-frame.

Location: Ahmedabad, India | Surat, India | Baroda, India
Learn More: http://pdcarchitects.in/
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