Samuelov Studio

We’re an interior design firm that designs one of a kind experience for businesses and organizations. Our expertise lies in architectural branding: creating a precise narrative and bringing the brand’s values into life through the look and feel of a place. We construct each experience so that it delivers a powerful message and stay with visitors long after they’ve gone. Our work exists in a physical space, but the essence is spiritual – what people feel and remember.

We’ve designed stores, offices, showrooms and restaurants of all shapes and sizes, covering tens of thousands of square meters with our creative vision, and generating tremendous value for our clients. We provide our professional know-how in all aspects of the project: from forming a concept and design strategy, through spatial design, and down to the finest details that can make all the difference. Our creations are both beautiful and stylish, but our first priority is deeper- to create a strong connection between the brand and its costumers.

Come to us and express your business’ own unique story with your physical environment. Branding is no longer a flat image on a screen, but a live interaction between people and space!

Location: Israel
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Locusview Offices – Herzliya

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