Default thumbnails are generated for your images, but they are sometimes not ideal crops. You can re-crop the thumbnails on your brand or product pages using our cropping tool.

How to crop image thumbnails

It is quick and easy to crop image thumbnails on your brand and product pages.

  1. Navigate to either a brand or product page you have editing access for
  2. Hover over the image you would like to crop
  3. Click the “Crop” icon that appears in the top left of the image
  4. Adjust the crop area in the modal that pops up
  5. Press “Save” button
  6. The newly cropped thumbnail will automatically be updated when the crop modal closes

Video showing how to crop images

What if the crop area cannot be adjusted?

Our thumbnails are sized at 500×500 pixels. The uploaded image is you are trying to crop may already be that size and cannot be made to be smaller.

What if I have other problems?

In the event of problems, please message use at [email protected]