Office Snapshots provides approved users with the ability to identify and tag their products within published project photos.

How to tag products

It is quick and easy to tag products.

  1. Expand into a project photo
  2. Press “Add Product” button
  3. Click the product within the photo
  4. Search/select the correct product tag match
  5. Press “Save” button
  6. New tags are queued for review by our team

Video showing how to tag

What if the correct product isn’t available?

It is possible that we have not added the correct product as an option. If that is the case, add the product to the “notes” box and our team will:

  1. Add the product as an option for the future
  2. Assign the new tag to this tag

Do my product tags go live immediately?

Product tags do not go live immediately, but are reviewed and approved by our team.

If your tags are taking a long time to be approved, please message us at [email protected]