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After months of working from home, Schöller SI reimagined their workplace as a space for co-creation, collaboration and communication for employees of the real estate developer in Reutlingen.

Every detail in the design of Pernod Ricard's Paris headquarters thoughtfully reflects the success of the leading global spirits company and paves a way towards a promising future.

A design that respects the specific needs of a private client, the offices have an activity-based layout to fully support employee wellbeing and productivity at the energy company's Riga location.

The offices for Turkey’s luxury retailer occupy the whole building in Vadi Istanbul complex, providing workplaces for Beymen Group brands and their team members, including designers, sales-managers, market analysts and IT-professionals.

Teams work side by side in Havas Group's new offices, a truly collaborative design promoting a spirit of togetherness for the Sydney-based creative media company.

Combining San Francisco roots with a new Austin landscape helps to bridge the gap between two very different locations for this alternative technology company.

A 1925 historic building in Kansas City was converted into a modern workplace for Gould Evans, an office that reflects the progressive practice of the national design and architectural firm.