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Hagai Nagar Architects designed SCF Group’s office in Bnei Brak by incorporating nature elements, green tones, and views of Yarkon Park to foster a homey and friendly atmosphere.

DENTON designed a sophisticated office space for Evergreen Investment Advisors in London, featuring dark wood finishes, agile work areas, private meeting rooms, and a bespoke joinery feature wall.

Dandelion Design & Construction Company creates a luxurious and efficient workspace for VPS Securities in Ho Chi Minh City, featuring striking orange accents, green walls, Italian sofas, river views, and innovative storage solutions.

Natali Ben Ami Interior Design created a tranquil work environment on the 31st floor of a business tower for Raya Strauss in Ramat Gan, focusing on a peaceful, light-filled space disconnected from typical office frenzy.

Huntsman Architectural Group designed a modern and collaborative workspace in a 1920’s Art Deco tower for Horsley Bridge in San Francisco, focusing on transparency, innovation, and employee experience.

I.Dezign focused on creating a flexible and collaborative workspace for Arohi Asset Management in Singapore, maximizing natural light and scenic views while incorporating warm, welcoming elements for staff productivity.

Bluehaus impressively designed Credit Suisse’s Riyadh office, blending modern elements with warm accents, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing workplace catering to hybrid work scenarios.

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