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Mint & More Creative designed a new office for OpenOcean venture capital firm in Helsinki, focusing on a unique, oceanic-inspired spatial concept with second-hand furniture and special details.

NELSON Worldwide redesigned NFA’s post-pandemic office in Chicago, focusing on a people-first, innovative design strategy with a customizable layout, strategic pods, and dynamic team rooms for optimal functionality and collaboration.

Workspace Arquitectura designed Saeta Yield’s sustainable Madrid offices, prioritizing sustainability, employee well-being, and organic workflow with natural light, acoustics, ecological materials, and a nature-inspired aesthetic.

Oktra designed a purpose-built office space for Bear Capital in Richmond, transitioning from angular to curved architecture to enhance flow and retain natural light, integrating bespoke details for a luxury feel.

MKDA designed Panagram’s luxurious workplace at Park Avenue Tower in NYC with soft tones, various textures, and organic curves, blending opulence and comfort in a grand, inviting space fostering collaboration and interaction.

Oktra designed an elegant and sophisticated office space for LBBW in London, prioritizing a mixture of open and private areas to create a welcoming, uplifting, and collaborative environment with biophilic design elements.

MoVe Architects redesigned DSK Bank’s interior in Sofia, focusing on functionality, modernity, and elegance through optimized layout, natural light, greenery, a sophisticated color palette, stylish furniture, and integrated technology.

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