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DONE Design to Build created a detailed and sustainable office space for Aquila Capital in Lisbon, emphasizing employee well-being with a bar, lounge area, and sleeping room.

Krohnark created a space to feel like home for employees at the OSLO PENSJONSFORSIKRING (OPF) offices…

MacCracken Robinson Architects designed an industrial and modern office space for a venture capital firm in San Francisco, restoring original elements while incorporating natural, sustainable materials.

Spectorgroup designed a modern and sophisticated office space in New York City for Varagon Capital Partners, focusing on a hospitality-inspired concept that seamlessly blends the welcoming ambiance of a hospitality setting with the functional efficiency required for productive work.

Steven Leach Group designed the DB Financial Investments offices in Seoul, creating a space that provides enhanced premium experiences for VIP customers through unique spatial arrangements, functional segmentation, impactful branding, and luxurious details.

Fogarty Finger designed a sophisticated and serene office space for Pantheon Ventures, inspired by San Francisco's color story and featuring natural materials and innovative lighting, with an emphasis on the city views.

Ester Bruzkus Architekten included playful prints and colors on a sleek backdrop for the PSD…

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