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Oktra designed a purpose-built office space for Bear Capital in Richmond, transitioning from angular to curved architecture to enhance flow and retain natural light, integrating bespoke details for a luxury feel.

MKDA designed Panagram’s luxurious workplace at Park Avenue Tower in NYC with soft tones, various textures, and organic curves, blending opulence and comfort in a grand, inviting space fostering collaboration and interaction.

Oktra designed an elegant and sophisticated office space for LBBW in London, prioritizing a mixture of open and private areas to create a welcoming, uplifting, and collaborative environment with biophilic design elements.

MoVe Architects redesigned DSK Bank’s interior in Sofia, focusing on functionality, modernity, and elegance through optimized layout, natural light, greenery, a sophisticated color palette, stylish furniture, and integrated technology.

MADA design factory transformed a typical office lobby in Bangkok into a modern workplace with diverse facilities, greenery, quality materials, and bold design elements reflecting DKSH culture and brand DNA.

SpaceInvader designed the Aldermore offices in London, integrating African culture through vibrant colors, textures, and plants, while incorporating sustainability and creating a unique working environment.

Svigals + Partners designs a warm, inviting headquarters for Kreitler Financial in Connecticut, blending earth tones, rich textures, and residential-inspired elements for a comfortable and sophisticated work environment.

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