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Space Matrix transformed Taikoo Li Qiantan’s Shanghai office into a wellness haven with natural elements, open workspaces, and a focus on employee well-being, aligning perfectly with the client’s vision.

AP+I Design transformed a 4,950 square-foot modern office space in Menlo Park with a refined elegance, focusing on functionality, minimalism, and attractive design elements to elevate the workspace.

Project One designed a progressive work environment in Sydney for ISPT, focusing on optimizing business operations and creating a visually appealing space with high-end finishes.

Tuckey Design Studio transformed an Arts and Crafts townhouse in Knightsbridge, restoring period features and adding contemporary elements to create bespoke workspaces with shared amenities.

VOID interieurarchitectuur transformed the entrance hall of the Mondriaan Tower in Amsterdam with an ‘Urban Nature’ theme, incorporating warm colors, natural elements, contemporary design furniture, and a nod to Piet Mondriaan’s art principles.

FACEUP in Kolkata, India by Spaces and Design showcases innovative office design using raw plywood as a central element, emphasizing sustainability, functionality, and creativity for a comfortable and inspiring workspace.

CBRE Design Collective transformed a historic building in Madrid’s Salamanca neighborhood, balancing 19th-century architecture with modern touches, integrating greenery, and creating diverse workspaces with quality materials for employee comfort.

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