Product LaunchJuly 14, 2020

Allseating releases L1 Task Chair

Allseating has announced the launch of L1, an ergonomic task chair inspired by the L1 vertebra, the most superior of the lumbar vertebrae that gives reinforcement to the entire upper spine.

L1 lives up to its namesake by providing the end user with back support and comfort for the entire day. L1 accommodates a wide range of body types to ensure all employees are being supported throughout the extended time spent at their desks.

Featuring excellent functionality with a softer design remains at an affordable price point, proving style, comfort and health should never be sacrificed for cost. An integrated seat slider allows for simple and intuitive calibration, with two-directional arms that invite users to maneuver them for optimal forearm and shoulder comfort whether it be up and down, or backward and forward. In addition, L1 comes with an optional adjustable headrest and lumbar, tilt lock and tilt tension, that enables easy adaptation based on the needs of each user.

“Companies require task chairs that are easy to use, adjustable and don’t skip out on the ergonomic support that positively impacts the health and wellbeing of workers, and thus company productivity as a whole––L1 seeks to address these needs head-on,” says Cindy Lawton-Moreby, Allseating’s Vice President of Sales.

L1’s comfort extends beyond its structural design, as three-dimensional mesh comes standard. The soft and supportive textured material is available in four neutral colors: Black, Charcoal, Nickel, and Fog. The chair’s frame is also available in both Black and Birch finishes.

Brand: Allseating
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