Product LaunchMay 18, 2020

BuzziSpace releases BuzziCone acoustic pendant

Get the best of both worlds with BuzziCone, a classic yet innovative noise-reducing pendant light. Named after its distinctive conic appearance, BuzziCone features a playful, elegant body covered in soft BuzziFelt, and a warm light, making it the perfect ‘all-in-one’ addition to any setting.

Available in a wide range of striking BuzziFelt colors and with three different configurations to choose from, BuzziCone can be customized to fit both the aesthetic and functional needs of any space, with the possibility to add an extra layer of fabric to the BuzziFelt (inside or outside). Hang it individually as a stand-alone fixture, or get creative and cluster multiple BuzziCone pendants together to delineate a microenvironment within an open-plan space while providing maximum visual impact.

Brand: BuzziSpace
Designer: BuzziSpace Studio
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