Product LaunchOctober 12, 2020

BuzziSpace releases BuzziDee Plus

BuzziDee Plus packs modern comfort and sound control into an original, versatile lounge chair, well-suited for comfort-oriented seating in contract and break-out spaces alike.

The latest addition to BuzziSpace’s acoustic furnishings line, BuzziDee Plus is engineered to absorb sound, while providing effortless convenience and versatility with its unique, customizable design. Featuring rounded corners with an upholstered wooden back, BuzziDee Plus’s eye-catching curvature adds structural integrity for maximum comfort; meanwhile, its firm yet lightweight body makes it easy to re-arrange, or for pulling up as extra seating in a meeting room or communal space.

An ideal add-on solution for contract, hospitality, and break-out areas alike, BuzziDee Plus comes in a colorful range of fabric upholstery options. As a convenient add-on, a rotatable tablet creates a useful surface for working or to rest a beverage.

Brand: BuzziSpace
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