Product LaunchDecember 11, 2020

Buzzispace releases BuzziNest

BuzziNest is a unique collection of acoustical booths and pods distinguished by their incredible ability to reduce noise both from the inside and outside. Featuring built-in castors that accommodate quick lay-out changes, BuzziNest is a truly versatile solution that helps create happier and healthier contemporary workspaces.

Designed to act as a freestanding room within a room, BuzziNest comes in two models: BuzziNest Booth and BuzziNest Pod. The compact acoustic privacy Booth (1.2m2) for one offers a private space to work and take phone/ video calls, while BuzziNest Pod (3m2) allows two to four people to hold face-to-face meetings, collaborations and video conferences in any space without disturbing others, and most importantly, being disturbed.

Brand: Buzzispace
Designer: BuzziSpace Studio
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