Product LaunchAugust 14, 2020

Davis Furniture releases SoMod

SoMod is the newest modular lounge collection by the German design duo, jehs+laub for Davis Furniture. Inspired by the smooth, organic forms of jehs+laub’s successful Soft Lounge series, SoMod’s profile features sculptured edges and continuous sweeping lines. The final result is a showpiece of modern design that is sure to provide an anchoring visual in any interior.

SoMod’s limitless anthology of designs is established through its modest collection of seating elements including backed, backless and armed pieces. Benching units are also available with optional integrated laptop tables which, when specified, appear to hover between units. Each gangable unit rests on an inset plinth base that raises the lounge off the floor, giving each finished piece a floating visual that creates a striking contrast to its bold, monolithic design.

SoMod provides an endless variety of furnishing opportunities. Ranging from classic sofas to large-scale modular benching and lounge configurations, this collection creates sleek yet remarkably comfortable spaces within lounge areas, open offices and casual interiors.

BrandDavis Furniture
Designed by: jehs+laub
Available: August 2020
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