Product LaunchJune 30, 2020

De Vorm releases the extended Mute Family

Mute Flow Floating & Floating Light
Every acoustic problem has its own nature and needs different measures to solve it. With PET Felt wall panels already in our collection, we started thinking about the ways to use this material in other applications.

For us, it was important to preserve the “family look” of the Mute series. That’s why we took a distinctive pattern of Mute Flow and translated it into a ceiling-suspended format. As a result, two new products were born – Mute Flow Floating panel and Mute Flow Floating Light with illumination.

Mute Fit, always a good fit
The name speaks for itself – this acoustic panel was made to fit every size and surface. Inspired by a draped curtain, its asymmetric pattern has a hidden algorithm behind.

With Mute Fit, we intended to solve a common issue of 3D-shaped panels. When you’re working with a curved panel,  it can be hard to ensure a continuous pattern on every surface and in any room, whatever the size. The corners and edges often become problematic areas. The algorithm behind Mute Fit solves this issue. It combines several flat and curved sections. Such pattern ensures that any piece of the panel has flat edges, whatever the size. In this way, the pieces of any width can be seamlessly connected with each other. Not only does it make installation easier, but it also reduces the leftover material.

Brand: De Vorm
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