Product LaunchJuly 14, 2020

LIKO-S releases SilentPET

Acoustic from recycled PET bottles

Each space is different. Large glass surfaces, hard floors, open spaces or high light clearance. The composition of the construction, carpet or furnishings usually improves the acoustic conditions in the room, but only by using acoustic panels can you achieve the correct acoustic conditions.

We think ecologically and we care about sustainability. That’s why we came up with the idea of how to produce acoustic panels from PET bottles. PET bottles are processed into fibers in the manufacturing process to form a final blend of material. Final rolling produces SilentPET® sound insulation boards with excellent acoustic properties.

Functionality is important, but we also have to like things. Choose from our library on e-shop or make your own design! Two basic thickness, color variation, or special surface treatments such as printing graphics and RAL staining.
See our collections in our e-shop and pick one, that fits your office or home.

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