Product LaunchAugust 18, 2020

Rich Brilliant Willing releases Latis

RBW’s new Latis pendant is a high-performance lighting system inspired by the laid-back atmosphere of the modern workplace. The simple, scalable design adapts to the specific dimensions of a space as individual four- or eight-foot-long linear pendants link together with fail-safe angle connectors. Snapping quickly into place, and rotating and gliding as needed, the system easily accommodates unique compositions, project dimensions, and architectural conditions. Evocative of a structural I-beam, Latis’s deceptively minimalist profile packs robust performance capabilities into RBW’s new optic platform. The meticulously engineered internal drivers and visually integrated sensors offer lighting solutions that range from a narrow beam to a 16-foot-span, effectively delivering maximum spatial coverage with lower wattage and fewer fixtures. Available in a range of bold and neutral color options, the Latis system is equipped to make a distinctive visual statement,
or blend quietly into the ceiling.

Brand: Rich Brilliant Willing
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