Product LaunchJuly 19, 2021

Davis furniture expands Inform table offerings

Inform’s effortless beauty is carried throughout a wide range of tables and benches that uniquely cater to the flexible commercial spaces of the 21st century. After much consideration of how to broaden the reach of Inform’s exceptional design, the Davis Design Team has developed a double-top solution for increased tabletop lengths and widths. As a result, Inform is now offered in standard sizes up to 20’ long, in both café height and bar height tables. These informal, working tables provide all of the functionality needed in a modern space while maintaining an unmatched level of beauty and style.

New Inform table sizes include standard sizes starting at 144” x 54” and ranging up to 240” x 60”, available in 29” and 42” height tables. The new double top solution features an almost imperceptible split at the table center, allowing for the increased lengths and widths to be constructed with robust strength and durability. Regardless of materiality, the table sections are meticulously manufactured to have matching veneer or solid wood grain, giving the increased illusion of one continuous piece. This design, full of simplicity and versatility, works in various spaces and can be paired with any interior trend.

Craftsmanship and features include solid wood, storage bins and versatile power options, which elevate this line from simple communal tables to functioning, active workspaces. The new double top Inform tables offer the same options for storage bins and power options, with units being centered on each section of the two-section tabletop. In addition, a new double-sided flip-top power option even further increases the power capabilities of the collection. The relaxed, residential design of Inform is more accessible than ever before to facilitate dynamic working spaces with highly flexible and adaptable options. From boardroom to dining room, Inform offers solutions for any environment.

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