Product LaunchJanuary 25, 2021

Mara releases Follow collection

The success of the Follow collection of height-adjustable tables has led to continuous product improvement. Mara now presents an even better performing evolution, certified EN 527 as a desk for office use, with a more essential design that, in addition to improving aesthetics, allows for optimised, fast and high-quality industrial production. The small footprint, additional lightness and simplified assembly (a key aspect) make Follow a suitable solution for furnishing the most modern workspaces but also for creating your own functional and ergonomic home workspace.

The heart of the project is a mechanical system based on a weight counter-balance concept, developed and patented by Mara, which allows the worktop to be adjusted immediately, quickly and quietly without the need for electricity.

Modern workstations for individual work, for meetings and coworking, capable of improving people’s psychophysical well-being.

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