Product LaunchJuly 21, 2022

Kettal releases Hydroponic Garden

Kettal and Tectum Garden present Hydroponic Garden, a hydroponic
vegetable garden.

Hydroponic Garden is based on edible renaturalisation. It is grown without
soil in a light substrate to avoid excess weight. Watering is by drip, which
reduces consumption and contains suitable water-soluble fertilisers; the
nutrient-rich excess water is reused. The lighting, either artificial using LEDs
or natural, is adapted to each crop.

The materials used in the Hydroponic Garden are 75% recycled and 100%

Hydroponic Garden was developed by an interdisciplinary team: environ-
mentalists, agronomists, architects, designers, engineers, scientists…

The aim of this creation is to ecodesign the spaces and offices of the
future in order to address climate change, improve quality of life in cities,
transform work environments to create a link with the natural environment
by means of agri-productive areas, and foster a more sustainable future
through the circular green economy.

Brand: kettal
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