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ZYETA designed a sustainable and luxurious workspace in Bengaluru for a multinational fashion brand, incorporating ‘Low Carbon, High Impact’ principles with eco-harmonious aesthetics, tailored work zones, and recycled materials.

Laerdal Medical’s Bengaluru office was designed by Harish & Associates with youthful, European aesthetics and biophilic elements, incorporating curved walls and sophisticated details to create vibrant, creative workspaces across three floors.

Kumar La Noce designed Orxa Energies’ new headquarters in Bengaluru for a young workforce, emphasizing collaboration and functionality with bold formal gestures and energy-saving features.

Gensler‘s design for 7-Eleven Global Solution Centre in Bengaluru revolutionizes workplace experiences, embodying the brand’s “Take it to Eleven” tagline with vibrant, employee-centric spaces promoting creativity, collaboration, and well-being.

UltraStudio in Bengaluru by Ultraconfidentiel Design is a groundbreaking project that harmoniously integrates nature into its design, creating a dynamic and diverse workspace to enhance creativity and well-being.

Space Matrix partnered with Licious to design a functional and engaging workplace that reflects the brand’s identity through meat-themed elements, creating a sense of community and pride among employees.

Once a conventional space, Zyeta has transformed the International Automotive Brand offices in Bengaluru into a collaborative hub of innovation, prioritizing employee well-being and comfort.

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