from ateljé Lyktan

The desk lamp, in the shape of a fishing rod, was designed by interior design architect Mia Cullin based on a concept by ÅF Lighting & Adolfsson & Partners, and was originally developed with the help of ateljé Lyktan’s custom design service – The studio – for the new office of the interactive entertainment company King. ”The characteristic arch-formed arm creates a sense of space and gives the luminaire a plant-like character”, says Mia Cullin.

Arch is a hybrid between a pendant luminaire and workspace lighting. Being individually adjustable, everyone can choose the lighting that best suits them. The construction creates a flexible solution, because no matter where you place your desk in the office environment, it maintains a constant light level.

The generous spun-metal shade, with its white interior, creates the light reflection and lights up the entire workspace. And a decorative uplight is formed from the perforations at the top of the luminaire.

The King project has won awards at several national and international design competitions.

Designed by Mia Cullen & AF Lighting

Arch by ateljé Lyktan