Design 406

from Spinneybeck

Erwin Hauer has spent his life perfecting architectural screens and sculptures that celebrate the infinite continuous surface, known as Modular Constructivism. These light-diffusing walls and room dividers have been lauded as “quintessential works of modernism.” Spinneybeck has partnered with Hauer to reinterpret his iconic designs in Spinneybeck leathers. These modular wall planks allow his work to be reimagined in a new material and extensive color range. Hauer’s designs are milled from high-density MDF, then vacuum formed with high-quality Spinneybeck leather. The leather hides are seamed with a decorative machine stitch at random intervals so as not to detract from the primary pattern. This smart modular system ships in individual planks which come together to form an uninterrupted composition.

Design 406 by Spinneybeck