from JLC-Tech

GEMINI, the first and only 4”-wide linear downlight to install just like a cross tee in a suspended ceiling. The GEMINI revolutionizes the installation process to achieve linear lighting on-center with the grid by replacing the actual cross tees. Perfect for open office spaces, corridors and other locations where low-glare requirements are necessary.

Typical linear downlights require a custom opening to be constructed in order to support the fixture, while the GEMINI has integrated cross-tees to create this on-center opening without additional grid components. This simplifies installation and allows for a more cohesive ceiling aesthetic.

Available with two distinct lens options: a double lens with central spine that matches the surrounding grid width, giving the look of a continuous ceiling grid; or a single lens option for a more traditional slot fixture aesthetic. Each lens option is also available with a choice of high-performance optics. The Diffuse White (DW) optic utilizes a high efficiency PMMA diffusing lens for a smooth look with no visible LEDs and a wide light distribution for even illumination.

The Diffuse Prismatic optic uses a precision engineered dual-layer optical system to offer the perfect balance of soft diffuse light and glare control for elevated visual comfort. The DP optic is the perfect tool to design towards UGR requirements without sacrificing visual aesthetics.