from Pablo Designs

Inspired by Japanese joinery tradition, Grid conveys a lightness and weightlessness of form in its orderly structured frame of natural wood or optically clear acrylic. The CNC cut slats provide both optimal diffusion from side viewing angles while celebrating a rich palate of natural woods and rich colorways to direct warm ambient light downward with minimal light spill. Grid can be suspended individually or in series to create uniquely transformative configurations of light and shadow. Available in two complementary sizes: 1x1 18.5” (47cm)W X 18.5” (47cm)L and 1x3: 18.5” (47cm)W X 46.3” (118cm)L, Grid is perfectly suited for illuminating dining , work spaces or corridors with 1800 lumens and 5400 lumens depending on size. Limitless arrangements can be configured.