Itinerary Table

from Bernhardt Design

Designed for use in flexible environments requiring reconfigurations and easy storage. Available with a 1∂” thick top in wood veneer or a laminate top with vinyl edge band. Tops are pre-machined for ganging brackets and corner top attachment brackets. Communication grommets are available for wire management. Two base options are available. The mobile base option utilizes four non-leveling 80mm dual wheel casters and two of the casters are locking. The fixed base option uses four leveling glides with black detail. The glides have a polished aluminum finish to match the base.

Itinerary folding tables are designed to nest for compact storage. A handle underneath the table top when turned in a clockwise motion, releases the table top to fold. When in the folded position, the tables slide together to nest with each table occupying approximately 6” of incremental storage space.

Designed by Bernhardt Design Studio

Itinerary Table by Bernhardt Design