from Actiu

Mobility, a dulpicitous concept offering both aheight adjustable or fixed desk, which synchronously manages your health whilst you work. Standing for a few hours of the working day not only elicits positive health benefits, but also enhances our ability to concentrate and sustain productivity. With minimalist aesthetics, visual language, advanced intelligence and the highest degree of adjustment for the user, it is a highly engineered desk that sets new standards in quality, design, price and performance. Aluminium handle careened and synchronized to the height adjustable system offers an alternative mechanical solution. An electronic, mechanical or crank system pilots the height adjustable mechanism, seizing a variety of accessories to tailor a desk that perfectly aligns with the environment and daily needs of each user. The possibilities surrounding the conformation are enormous with Mobility, offering a wide range of levels and models that can be autonomously combined.
Mobility by Actiu