from Bernhardt Design

Neighborhood’s basic “building block” geometry provides endless configurations and adapts to any space. A series of high-back modules creates privacy and intimate (or hushed) seclusion within an open office, while a collection of benches and low-back seating units are perfect for casual conversations or creative brainstorming. Groupings can be readily rearranged to form expansive landscapes or small intimate settings. The high-back version allows for open floor plans to appeal to the ‘savanna preference’ – a design principle that mimics the savanna’s of our early ancestors. Technology integration and sound absorbing materials provide a smart option for workspaces. As companies grow and change, their furniture must also; Neighborhood reflects the fast-paced adaptation companies continually experience in a physical space.

Neighborhood is comprised of 38 unique modules that range in scope from tall privacy units to sofa sectionals and tables with electrical access to mobile ottomans. The range and flexibility of the line ensure that it’s not only the perfect fit for office spaces, but any public areas – from airports to restaurants. Tabletop options include: wood, laminate and solid surfaces. The collection may be specified in Bernhardt Textiles or COM. All royalties from the collection will go to the RISD Scholarship Fund to support art education and design for innovation, and allow students to attend art school who might not otherwise have the opportunity.

Designed by Joe Gebbia

Neighborhood by Bernhardt Design