Residence Huddle

from Spacestor

Dedicated quiet spaces are a necessity within the high-tech buzz of the modern working environment. Drawing on the rich design heritage of California, the Residences range creates iconic enclosures within the workplace, providing a serene sanctuary. Inspired by the beautiful ‘residences’, modern, innovative houses built by leading architects throughout the 20th century, these space-efficient pods provide private space using a minimum floor area. The range comes with glazed panels, allowing light to continue to shine through the workspace. The birch plywood finish provides a raw, natural aesthetic contributing towards the need for a sanctuary, inviting people to a serene space through biophilic design. Available as an individual pod, configured for either standing or seated working positions, a private meeting space for two people or now a collaborative meeting space for up to 4 people. The Residences range boasts extremely high acoustic quality, has a constant flow of fresh air with built in air vents and a highly adaptable design with a huge range of finishes options.
Residence Huddle by Spacestor