Resin Panel in DesignRail® Aluminum Railing Frame

from Feeney

DesignRail® Aluminum Railing Frame Systems combine the durability of aluminum with innovative design details to ensure lasting beauty, structural integrity, and affordability while drastically reducing long-term maintenance expenses.

Feeney, Inc. has partnered with 3form to pair their superior resin panels with embedded organic materials with our aluminum railing frames.

DesignRail® with Resin Panel Infill is stylistically adaptable to any interior project. Simply choose the top rail style and color to customize the railing frame, the pick out the embedded organic material that suits your design.

Panels can be mixed and matched with all other DesignRail® infill options, including CableRail, other panel infills, and may be used with Feeney Post Accent lights.

Resin Panel in DesignRail® Aluminum Railing Frame by Feeney