Simple Writing Desk

from HBF

Designed by Thomas Lykke, the Simple Desk pays homage to classics from America and Denmark – with an added twist of Japan made for the now.  Working with natural, quality materials that age with grace and become more beautiful over time, the range of line offers great flexibility making it suitable for office use, as well as creative environments, restaurants and dining rooms.

  • Large desk with an honest approach to design and power
  • Single width with single depth
  • Single width with double depth
  • Double width with double depth
  • With or without a single/double sided divider
  • Optional drawer has dovetail detail.
  • Drawer can be specified left or right facing.
  • Optional shelf, always right facing
  • Optional cork, always left facing
  • Optional power centered on table top.  Cord secured to leg with minimal clips.

Designed by OEO Studio

Simple Writing Desk by HBF