from ateljé Lyktan

After a lighting exhibition in Copenhagen, 1970, Anders Pehrson, the CEO of ateljé Lyktan, was asked by Olympics organisers in Munich, whether the company could send a proposal for a lighting solution for the Olympic Games of 1972. The concept for a luminaire called Simris was developed for both floor and desk lamps, and after months of negotiations, meetings in Germany and amended proposals, three suppliers were chosen out of hundreds of other European lighting companies. ateljé Lyktan was one of the three chosen companies, which also won the largest part of the assignment: 16.300 lamps, accounting for 70% of the total order. This meant that ateljé Lyktan would provide virtually all the interior lighting for the Olympic Village. To date, this is the largest order in the history of ateljé Lyktan, and there were four reasons why the luminaires were chosen to light up the Olympic Village: good design, good functionality, excellent quality and reasonable price.

Designed by Anders Pehrson

Simris by ateljé Lyktan