from Spacestor

An upholstered alcove with ultimate design appeal, for offices with personality. Is the open plan office trend really effective in creating the best working environment? Many companies are facing the same problem of a large open-plan space not providing the best environment for everyone’s unique working style. People should be at the heart of workplace design and a highly customized office space is key to suit differing needs. Today’s workspace needs to provide private spaces blended with collaborative zones. The Snugglestor provides a solution that is both innovative and space-saving. It’s an upholstered seating alcove that can serve as an impromptu meeting space as well as a quiet thinking area, used to break up a bland run of storage units. Or it can simply be used as a standalone design statement, a cosy hideaway highly customised to the look and feel of your workspace; available with or without a back, with options for extra storage below and above the alcove, and with a huge choice of different upholstery finishes.