Splitty Reach

from Koncept

Splitty Reach offers a high level of flexibility due to its double arm and special joint mechanisms. Bend and rotate the LED light source to aim light precisely where it is needed. Press and hold the indented power button to dim. A 1A USB port is located in the lower body to charge compatible devices. Splitty Reach Pro features a 2A USB and occupancy sensor that powers off the lamp after 15 minutes of no activity. For wireless charging, a Qi base can be selected as an alternative to the standard base. Both versions of Splitty Reach feature a 9 hour auto-shutoff mechanism, which maximizes energy efficiency. Desk and wall mounting options are available, and open up opportunities for those limited on desk space. This is important for those working remotely, from small or makeshift workspaces. Ergonomics have become increasingly important in workplace design. Since Splitty Reach can easily be adjusted and directed, it can be used, for example, to illuminate a computer keyboard, then moved to blueprints. Its 3500 k light promotes productivity but is still inviting and relaxing, especially when dimmed.

Designed by Edmund Ng, Kenneth Ng

Splitty Reach by Koncept