from Hightower

Like any good story, the pieces of this series come together to create an interesting and inspiring composition. Whether utilized for a simple bench or to create a multi-level collaboration space, the Story Collection can help build out beautiful and functional areas for work or play. Story is perfect for short-stay seating, yet comfortable enough for lounging. With 2 heights and 5 sizes, with or without storage cubbies, optional shelves and throw pillows, Story is a generously proportioned modular bench system that can be arranged and linked in endless configurations. Users can sit on all sides of Story, combine with high and low benches to create modular configurations, or utilize bar tables and bar seating along with the benches. When paired together, Story High provides a back or armrest for the low bench and enables the user to perch on the high bench while others sit on the lower if desired.
Designed by Trevor Hoiland