Neo-Pangea’s Office

If you have ever needed great design work, whether it be print, film, web, or other, you know that finding just the right company can be more frustrating than waiting for ‘Fast and the Furious: Continental Drift’ to be released. Neo-Pangea has developed fantastic work for companies like Nike, Discover Channel, Prego, and Walmart.

The company is located in West Reading, Pennsylvania and has some really great looking office space. Instead of just throwing together a place for people to work, their office has some really nice age and charisma to it. The desks and lounge furnishings just give this space a completely different look than items from Ikea ever could. The light fixtures and fans are by far my favorite decorative feature as they perform well with both form and function.

IMAGE CREDIT: Images sent our way by Brett Bagenstose of Neo-Pangea.

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