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Inside the Good Job Games Offices in Istanbul by Jeyan Ülkü Architects

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Recent Offices

Acme Interiors designed the biophilic and sustainable Colt Technology project in Bengaluru, focusing on enhancing employee well-being and productivity through meticulous design and commitment to human-centric values.

Studio Tali Gotthilf used the innovative baby car seat made by Babyark to design their Kefar Sava office with a strong focus on safety, warmth, sustainability, and collaboration.

Spacewell designed Lutron’s space in Dubai with timelessness, modern elements, and classic elegance, featuring clean lines, cohesive furniture style, and sustainable practices, creating a sophisticated and collaborative office.

Studio86 Interiors designed Republic, a modern advertising agency in Ankara, blending retro aesthetics with modern interpretation, creating a workspace reflecting 1960s’ art movements and popular culture.

Iram Boxwala Design Studio in Mumbai designed Luar Beauty’s office as a transformative canvas reflecting brand identity through curved walls, brand colors, customized furniture, and strategic elements.

Dandelion Design & Construction Company creates a luxurious and efficient workspace for VPS Securities in Ho Chi Minh City, featuring striking orange accents, green walls, Italian sofas, river views, and innovative storage solutions.

Axiom Workplaces transformed Magentus’ Melbourne office with a vibrant design embodying collaboration, connection, and innovation, featuring panoramic views, open-plan hubs, and brand-infused spaces promoting teamwork and productivity.

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