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Inside the Good Job Games Offices in Istanbul by Jeyan Ülkü Architects

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Recent Offices

Squelette Design transformed an 800-square-foot space in Ahmedabad into a dynamic office for Stuti Impex celebrating creativity and innovation with curved elements, unique terrazzo flooring, and personalized bearings-inspired design.

Auerbach Halevy Architects designed multiple office expansions for MyHeritage, integrating historical elements with modern design trends and creating a warm, inviting workspace for employees in Or Yehuda, Israel.

BIT CREATIVE designed the office space of JDE Peet’s in Warsaw with a cozy cafe atmosphere, reflecting the brand’s philosophy through colors and references to coffee and tea products.

The design of Bridge+ by adrianse* in Chennai embodies the company’s vision by offering diverse work settings, memorable brand expressions, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere with a focus on user wellness.

FGMF‘s design for PNM in Sao Paulo focuses on creating a humanized work environment post-pandemic, with communal green spaces, transparent walls, and pet-friendly, social areas for integration and rest.

INpuls designed a Munich-based project inspired by Air Up’s product, featuring acrylic furniture and custom designs reflecting innovation and creativity through color, scent, and spatial arrangement zones.

Bindloss Dawes transformed an old flour store in Bruton into a spacious studio and office, showcasing their commitment to craftsmanship, resourcefulness, and sustainability in design.

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