About Office SnapshotsOffice Snapshots displays and discusses the latest designs and trends in office design. My name is Stephen Searer, and started it in 2007 as a side project. It has since grown to be the most comprehensive office design resource online.

I currently live in Santa Barbara, California and work on the site as my full-time job. Before Office Snapshots, I worked for several years as a history teacher. But after moving to a new city in 2011 with my wife, I decided to give Office Snapshots a try and have been working on it ever since.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you have time to visit all of the offices you feature?
A: The short answer is that I don’t actually go to the vast majority of them. Most are emailed or found online, but I have had the opportunity to visit Aol, Adobe, Box.net, Google, Digg, Square, Eventbrite, and Reddit.

Q: Which offices are the best, which are your favorite, etc…?
A: It is too difficult to have a favorite because the glimpses I see are generally only architectural photography. An office might look great, but it could be awful to work in.

Q: Which direction do you feel office design is moving?
A: It definitely feels like things are moving in the direction of open plan offices – to some degree companies are already there. But office designers seems to be moving past the simple “lots of desks in a room” approach and offering a variety of spaces for different work needs. I’d guess that work will be more distributed in the future as well.

Q: Can you get me a tour of any of the companies on the site?
A: I can hardly even get tours of most of the companies, so no, probably not.