The Office Snapshots Office

Today’s office is one that I have a lot of experience with, the Office Snapshots office!

Office Snapshots is run out of my wife and my apartment in the Old Town part of Temecula, California.  As you can see, I work on a laptop at our farmhouse table that we bought from a local antique shop.  The rest of the furnishings are a collection of buys from Ikea, Ross, and Pottery Barn. The newest addition is our Knoll Generation chair, which we have had for a couple weeks now.  Great chair.  My back has since forgiven me for making it sit on the wooden bench for a couple months.

We get a fair amount of natural light from our sliding glass door and have a nice balcony for warm summer evenings as well.  While the kitchen table is not necessarily the best place to get work done, we are moving soon and are hoping to have more of a defined work space.  Sorry for the semi-plain wall as well!

For a more in-depth review of the chair, check out our product post about it.