The Most Popular Offices of 2011

There are many different metrics for creating ‘top ten’ lists, most of which are subjective. But I thought it would be fun to see what the most popular offices of 2011 were measured purely by pageviews.

Let’s have a look:

10. UVIT Netherlands (view post)

UVIT might be a company and office you are unfamiliar with if you live in the United states, but this post did well in Netherlands, its main source of traffic.

9. Facebook – Menlo Park (view post)

While quality photo tours of the new Facebook office have yet to surface, this quick and dirty photo tour gave readers a glimpse of what it is like to work at Facebook.

8. Steve Jobs (view post)

After coming across a great photo of the late Steve Jobs in his office, readers enjoyed relating to how his seemingly messy office looked like theirs.

7. Groupon (view post)

Groupon was in the news a lot this year and people were interested in the company, including what their office looked like. Looked like a majority was search traffic.

6. Pons + Huot (view post)

Pons + Huot was popular because it was a space completely out of the ordinary. Just one look and you’ll understand why people enjoyed it.

5. Google – Pittsburgh (view post)

Another classic Google space complete with bright colors, huge nets, open workspaces and lots of light.

4. Google – London (view post)

Everyone enjoys a good Google office, especially one that looks like a spaceship crashed into an office.

3. Airbnb (view post)

When a hot startup is combined with well designed offices with Vitra furniture, it is bound to get attention.

2. Skype – Palo Alto (view post)

The Skype space is open, but with a lot more casual meeting space than most office. Also Skype was bought by Microsoft putting it into the headlines.

1. Reddit (view post)

I’d been wanting to post Reddit’s offices for a while, and finally had the pportunity to visit the space. It also helped that Reddit stopped working and they posted it as a site to visit.

What was your favorite office of the year?