Facilitate Various Styles Of Work With Bene’s PARCS Series

There has been a lot of talk about how urban planning techniques can be infused with office planning, creating varied zones made for different tasks with avenues of connection forming between. Bene’s PARCS Series is an furniture line that takes this shift into account.

“PARCS creates zones in an office that enhance the productivity and the well-being of a company’s employees by facilitating various ways of working such as meeting, presenting, learning, brainstorming, focussing, reading or touch-down.

[It] enhances communication and cooperation as well as contemplation and concentration, and anticipates future changes in working patterns, techniques and behaviour.”

We’ve also seen this furniture line pop up in offices like Credit Suisse: Zurich.

PARCS Wing Series: The Wing Series consists of the Wing Chair, the Wing Sofa and the American Diner. The shape of the Wing series is based on the traditional wingback seats. Lateral headrests provide acoustic and visual screening. This enables discussions requiring concentration, as well as recreation or concentration.

PARCS Toguna: Toguna High and Toguna Low are round, half-open room elements that provide acoustic shielding. A place for brainstorming, discussions that require lots of concentration, or for short meetings. The Toguna family also includes the Phone Booth, a striking element that serves as a private retreat for undisturbed telephone calls in open space.

PARCS Idea Wall: Idea Wall High and Idea Wall Low are free-standing wall elements with integrated media technology. The Idea Wall is both a screen for information and a room partition. For communicating while standing or sitting. Idea Wall Low is also available in combination with a swivelling meeting table.

PARCS Causeway: Furniture programme consisting of benches, fence modules, walls and cupboards. The different heights of the PARCS Causeway landscape encourage users to assume one of three different positions: sitting, standing or leaning.

PARCS Club Chairs: Club Chairs are the communicative counterpart of the Wing Series. The conical, rounded shape of the slab-end sets the tone. Also available in a swivel base version. Both options also have versions with higher backrests.